Market Scout

Expert Strategies!

Market Scout offers the research to enable you to identify talent that is required for a specific project.

Market Scout can supply market mapping on where the candidates you require are based, who they work for and salary bench marking.

This is available prior to launching a new site/product line in order to roll out a new project as well as for a specific field or geographic area.

Success Stories – Market Scout

Market Scout – offers the research to enable you to identify where talent required is located/employed for a new site/product line.

An example of an assignment we successfully completed this year was with a global Tier 2 EMS organisation with a focus on the automotive sector.

EMScout supported this organisation launching a new site in Canada.

The project involved identifying and attracting a specific skill set within the region and placing all of the employees required over a year’s timeline for the site. This included all roles including everything from the VP to the HR Team to Quality and the Engineering team. We:

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