Success Stories

Market Scout

Market Scout – offers the research to enable you to identify where talent required is located/employed for a new site/product line.

An example of an assignment we successfully completed this year was with a global Tier 2 EMS organisation with a focus on the automotive sector.

EMScout supported this organisation launching a new site in Canada.

The project involved identifying and attracting a specific skill set within the region and placing all of the employees required over a year’s timeline for the site. This included all roles including everything from the VP to the HR Team to Quality and the Engineering team. We:

Talent Scout

Talent Scout – offers a service that allows an organisation to access the best talent within the EMS market.

An example of this is a confidential brief that required sensitivity. The role was a Chief Information Officer with a global company to cover an international remit.

A client required an innovative and forward-thinking CIO to support the long-term strategy, to be based in Eastern Europe.

Diversity Scout

Diversity Scout – ensures an organisation are offering an inclusive recruitment process. We offer a fluid process that supports our clients to ensure they are able to create diverse teams that allow their business to thrive.

An example of a recent success was a project with a client within the top 5 EMS tier 1.

Our client had a confidential requirement to be based in the USA with a diversity element, the ideal candidate desired was a senior executive with hunter-style, global commercial experience and EMS background for a Global Account Manager position.

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